Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy provides a comprehensive description of how Interlude US Inc. d/b/a Eko  and its subsidiaries and affiliates named in Section 12 below (collectively, “Eko”, “we” or “us”) collects, uses, and shares information about you as well as your rights and choices regarding such information.  

It applies to our websites at,, and, and their subdomains (the “Site”), our branded mobile application (the “App”), the Eko Studio app available at (“Eko Studio”), Eko’s video platform technology available through the Site, the App, and/or third party services (“Video Platform”) and the interactive videos on the Video Platform (“Videos”), and any other online services operated by Eko that link to this Privacy Policy (collectively, the “Services”). This Privacy Policy also applies to any offline location that makes this Privacy Policy available to you.  

Please read the following carefully to understand Eko’s data practices. If you have any questions, please contact us as set out in the “Got any Questions?” section. 

We provide additional disclosures and rights for the following jurisdictions:

  • If you are a California resident, visit here
  • If you are a Nevada resident, visit here
  • If you are an Israeli resident, visit here
  • If you are a data subject in Europe, visit here

1. Your acknowledgment of this policy


2. What information do we collect?

We collect information from users of our Services in the following ways: 

2.1 Information you provide

We collect information that you voluntarily provide when you access, use, or browse the Services. Depending on the service you use, the categories of information we collect include:

2.1.1 Information you provide voluntarily when you use the Site, the App, and/or the Video Platform

  • Contact Data: In order to view certain Videos or use certain parts of the Site or App, you may be required to provide us with your name, email address, phone number, and other contact information. This information is also collected when creating an Eko account or when signing up for updates.
  • Account Credentials. When creating an Eko account, you may be required to create a username and password.
  • Demographic Information. You may provide us with your age, gender, and other demographic information.
  • Video Information: We collect information you provide when you interact with the Video Platform and the Videos therein, such as the name of the title you select, any ratings or feedback you provide, and the choices you make between different plot lines. Please note that the Video Platform may be available to you through our Site or App, or sites or apps operated by other parties. For example, we may offer embedded code or an SDK to allow other parties to use the Video Platform on their services. Unless explicitly stated otherwise by Eko, any information collected by us through the Video Platform, including any associated code or SDK operated by Eko, is subject to this Privacy Policy.
  • Communications with Eko: We collect information you provide as part of any communications with Eko, by any means, including when providing us feedback or by approaching our customer services or during sales calls.
  • Job Applicants: We collect information you provide when applying for a position via the "Careers" page available on the Site, as further detailed under Section 3.1.3 below.  

Please note: You may choose to voluntarily provide other information to us that we do not request, and, in such instances, you are solely responsible for such information.

2.1.2 Information you provide voluntarily when you use the Eko Studio

  • Users who wish to use the Eko Studio are required to open an Eko Studio account, and such users are required to provide the information detailed in the registration form available on the Site, which includes the user’s full name, email address, username, password and profile image.
  • Alternatively, users may open and log-in to their Eko Studio account via one of their existing social network accounts (e.g., Google or Facebook). When you open and login to your Eko Studio account through such existing social network account, then such account provides us with access to certain information, which is detailed and displayed to you in the notice which appears during the integration process, which may include your name, email address, profile photo and user-id on such account. Please read carefully such notice in order to understand what information is made available to us via your social network accounts. We collect your login information and other relevant information necessary to enable us to access your social network accounts in order to collect the abovementioned information. We store the above-mentioned information (or any part of it), in order to achieve the purposes set forth herein. Please remember that the manner in which social networks use, store or disclose your information is governed solely by their policies and we are not responsible for the privacy practices or other actions of such social networks. You hereby acknowledge that such information will be stored even after the linkage to your social network accounts expires, for any reason, unless otherwise required by law.
  • In addition, during your use of the Eko Studio, you may choose to upload to the platform and create certain content such as videos, texts, photographs, artwork, tags and other metadata. Please note: if such content includes information about others, you are fully and solely responsible for providing all necessary information notices to affected data subjects or consumers and obtaining the required consents under applicable privacy law from data subjects or consumers for the use, processing, sub-processing and storing by Eko of their information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
  • Please note that the creator's profile page, which includes metadata generated by use of the Eko Studio, may display information about the creator, the authors of the videos generated via the Eko Studio, people involved in the creation of the video (e.g. actors) and the other contributors to the creation of the video. Your videos, creator's profile page and associated metadata (e.g. titles, descriptions, credits, tags, etc.) are made public and are viewable and otherwise accessible by the general public, unless your account settings have been set to maintain such information private.

2.1.3 Information relating to job applicants

You may use the “Careers” page available on our Site in order to apply for a position at Eko and send us your CV, and in such case the following applies: 

  • As part of the submission of an application, you will be required to provide your full name, email address and phone number and attach your CV.
  • The information collected as part of the application process, including any information included in your CV, may be accessed by our HR department and/or by Eko managers, worldwide, solely for the purposes of evaluation and to enable us to contact you with respect to the recruitment process.
  • Eko will retain information collected from applicants solely for the period that is necessary for the purposes set forth under this Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy or for the maximum statutory period in which a claim with respect to the recruitment process may be brought against Eko.
  • Please note that if you are successfully recruited to work for Eko, any information collected as part of the application process may be retained by Eko for the purposes of your employment. 

2.2 Information we collect automatically

We automatically collect information when you access, use, and browse the Services. The categories of information we automatically collect include: 

  • Activity Information. We automatically collect information about your activities on the Site, the App and/or the Video Platform, such as the features you use, pages you visit, emails, ads and Videos you view, interactions with Videos, time of day you browse, and your referring and exiting pages.
  • Technical Information. We automatically collect technical information such as the type and version of your device and its operating system, the type of browser, screen resolution, device browser and keyboard language, and device identifiers, such as IP address or Ad ID.
  • Location Data. We automatically collect location which may be imprecise (such as location derived from an IP address or data that indicates a city or postal code level) or, with your consent, precise (such as latitude/longitude data).

Please note we collect information automatically by using certain tracking technologies such as:

  • Cookies, which are small data files stored on your device that act as a unique tag to identify your browser. We use two types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies make it easier for you to navigate our website and expire when you close your browser. Persistent cookies help with personalizing your experience, remembering your preferences, and supporting security features. Additionally, persistent cookies allow us to bring you advertising. Persistent cookies may remain on your device for extended periods of time, and generally may be controlled through your browser settings. Cookies are further detailed under our Cookie Policy.
  • Log Files, which are files that record events that occur in connection with your use of the Services.
  • Pixels (also known as web beacons), which is code embedded in a website, video, email, or advertisement that sends information about your use to a server. There are various types of pixels, including image pixels (which are small graphic images) and JavaScript pixels (which contains JavaScript code). When you access a website, video, email, or advertisement that contains a pixel, the pixel may permit us or a separate entity to drop or read cookies on your browser. Pixels are used in combination with cookies to track activity by a particular browser on a particular device. We may incorporate pixels that allow us to track our conversions, bring you advertising, and provide you with additional functionality.
  • App Technologies, which are technologies included in our app that are not browser-based like cookies and cannot be controlled by browser settings. For example, our App may include third party SDKs, which is code that send information about your use to a server. These SDKs allow us to track our conversions, bring you advertising both on and off the Services, and provide you with additional functionality.
  • Location-Identifying Technologies, which are technologies used to collect your location. For example, GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth may be used to collect precise location data when you consent to precise location tracking through our app. Location data may be used for purposes such as verifying your device’s location and delivering or restricting relevant content and advertising based on that location. 

For further information on how we use tracking technologies for analytics and advertising, and your rights and choices regarding them, see the “Analytics and Advertising” and “Your Rights and Choices” sections below. 

2.3 Information from other sources

We also obtain information from other sources. The categories of sources from which we collect information, and have collected from in the past 12 months, include: 

  • Publicly-available sources, including data in the public domain.
  • Data brokers, from which we purchase data to supplement the data we collect.
  • Social networks with which you interact.
  • Business Partners that offer co-branded services, sell or distribute products, or engage in marketing or advertising activities.

3. How do we use the information we collect?

We collect and use information for business and commercial purposes in accordance with the practices described in this Privacy Policy. Our purposes for collecting and using information include to:

  • Enable the operation and management of the Services, including the Site, the App, and the Video Platform;
  • Perform services requested by you, such as responding to your comments, questions, and requests, and provide you with technical assistance and customer support;
  • Ensure that content on the Services is presented in an optimal way for you and for your device (e.g. tablet, mobile phone);
  • Conduct internal operations, including troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, research and statistical purposes;
  • Send you transactional communications, notices, announcements, and additional information related to Eko including with respect to changes made to our Services’ policies;
  • Keep the Services safe and secured and to prevent and address fraud, breach of policies or terms, and threats or harm;
  • Comply with our legal and contractual obligations and in order to be able to protect our rights and legitimate interests;
  • Maintain our data processing records and general administrative purposes;
  • Use it for customization and improvement of our Services and other Eko websites, apps, technologies, marketing efforts, products and services;
  • Enhance and personalize the user’s experience on the Site, the App, and/or the Video Platform;
  • With respect to our Videos, understand your Video preferences and personalize your experience and advertising on the Services, including for our business partners;
  • Develop and send you information about our and other parties’ products and services (for example, we may send you email and, if you opt-in, push notifications regarding content that may be of interest to you).
  • Provide you with advertising and send you offers;
  • Conduct promotions, including verifying your eligibility and delivering prizes in connection with your entries;
  • Fulfill any other purpose at your direction; and
  • With notice to you and your consent.

Notwithstanding the above, we may use information that does not identify you (including information that has been aggregated or de-identified) for any purpose except as prohibited by applicable law. For information on your rights and choices regarding how we use information about you, please see the “Your Rights and Choices” section below. 

4. Sharing of information

We share information we collect in accordance with the practices described in this Privacy Policy. The categories of parties with whom we share information include the following: 

  • Group Companies: We share information with members of our group of companies, including where they act as our service provider or for their own purposes.
  • Service Providers: We share information with service providers who perform services and process information on our behalf, including without limitation, hosting services, payment processing services, analytics services, authentication and fraud prevention services, and marketing services. We contractually prohibit our service providers from retaining, using, or disclosing information about you for any purpose other than performing the service for us, although we may permit them to use information that does not identify you (including information that has been aggregated or de-identified) for any purpose except as prohibited by applicable law.
  • Vendors and Other Parties: We share information with vendors and other parties for analytics and advertising purposes. These parties may act as our service providers, or in certain context, independently decide how to process your information. For more information on advertising and analytics, see the “Analytics and Advertising” section below. 
  • Business Partners: We share information with our partners in connection with offering co-branded services, selling or distributing products, or engaging in marketing or advertising activities.
  • Promotions: Our promotion may be jointly sponsored or offered by other parties. When you voluntarily enter a promotion, we share information as set out in the official rules that govern the promotion as well as for administrative purposes and as required by law (e.g., on a winners list). By entering a promotion, you agree to the official rules that govern that promotion, and may, except where prohibited by applicable law, allow the sponsor and/or other entities to use your name, voice and/or likeness in advertising or marketing materials. 
  • Public Forums: We share information you make public through the Services, such Videos you post as a creator. Please think carefully before making information public as you are solely responsible for any information you make public. Once you have posted information, you may not be able to edit or delete such information, subject to additional rights set out in the “Your Rights and Choices” section below. 
  • In addition, we share information in the following cases: (a) to comply with any applicable law, regulation, legal process, subpoena or governmental request; (b) to enforce this Privacy Policy or any other agreement or terms of service between you and Eko, and to defend against any claims or demands asserted against us by you or on your behalf; (c) to protect the rights, property, health, security, or personal safety of Eko, its users or anyone else; (d) when Eko is undergoing or negotiating any change in control, including by means of merger, acquisition or purchase of all or any portion of the assets of Eko, or transfer of all or a portion of our business to another business; (e) at your request or direction; and (f) with notice to you and your consent.

For avoidance of doubt, Eko may share information that does not identify you (including information that has been aggregated or de-identified) except as prohibited by applicable law. For information on your rights and choices regarding how we share information about you, please see the “Your Rights and Choices” section below.

5. Other parties

We offer parts of our Services through websites, platforms, and services operated and controlled by other parties. In addition, we integrate technologies operated or controlled by other parties into parts of our Services.

Some examples include:

  • Links. Certain links provided in the Site and App permit users to leave our Site and App and enter non-Eko sites or use non-Eko services. Most of such linked sites and services provide legal documents, including terms of use and privacy policies governing the use thereof. It is always advisable to read such documents carefully before using those sites and services in order to know what kind of information about you is collected.
  • Video Platform. Unless explicitly stated otherwise by Eko, any information collected by us through the Video Platform, including any associated code or SDK operated by Eko, is subject to this Privacy Policy. However, other parties may use the Video Platform in their own websites or apps, and those parties may independent collect information about you. Such collection of information is governed by their own policies. 
  • Liking, Sharing, and Logging-In. We may embed a third party pixel or SDK on our Services that allows you to “like” or “share” content on, or log-in to your account through social media. If you visit a page that contains such integration, we may receive information from the social network that you have authorized to share with us. Please note that the social network may independently collect information about you through the integration. 
  • Brand Pages. We may offer our content through social media. Any information you provide to us when you engage with our content (such as through our brand page or via our chatbot) is treated in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Also, if you publicly reference our Services on social media (e.g., by using a hashtag associated with Eko in a tweet or post), we may use your reference on or in connection with our Services. 

Please note that when you interact with other parties, including when you leave our Services, those parties may independently collect information about you and solicit information from you. The information collected and stored by those parties remains subject to their own policies and practices, including what information they share with us, your rights and choices on their services and devices, and whether they store information in the U.S., Israel, or elsewhere. We encourage you to their terms of use and privacy policies to understand their privacy practices.

6. Analytics and advertising

We use analytics services, such as those offered by Google, Snowplow and Appsflyer, to help us understand how users access and use the Services. In addition, we work with agencies, advertisers, ad networks, and other parties, such as Facebook and Google, to place ads about our products and services on other websites and services. 

As part of this process, we may incorporate tracking technologies from us and our vendors and other parties into our own Services (including our website and emails) as well as into our ads displayed on other websites and services. These tracking technologies may collect data across time and services for purposes of measuring conversions or actions you take, associating the various devices you use, and serving ads and/or other content targeted to your interests (“Interest-based Advertising”). For instance, we incorporate pixels and SDKs from Facebook and Google on the Services, and may share information with them for these purposes as well as to provide you with other functionality. 

We also use audience matching services (which is a type of Interest-Based Advertising) to reach people (or people similar to people) who have visited our Services or are identified in one or more of our databases (“Matched Ads”). This is done by us sharing a list of hashed emails with an ad partner or incorporating a pixel or SDK from an ad partner into our own Services, and the ad partner matching common factors between our data and their data or other datasets. For instance, we use Facebook Custom Audiences to serve ads to our players on Facebook and Facebook Lookalike Audiences to serve ads to users on Facebook similar to our players. 

As discussed above, vendors and other parties may act as our service providers, or in certain contexts, independently decide how to process your information. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with and consult their privacy policies and terms of use. For further information on the types of tracking technologies used and your rights and choices, please see the “Information we collect automatically” section above and the “Your Rights and Choices” section below.

7. Your rights and choices

7.1 Account information

You may have certain choices with respect to information in your Eko account. For example, you can update or remove the information you have provided in your profile, or delete your account. We may require additional information from you to allow us to confirm your identity. Please note that even if you remove information or delete your account, we will retain and use information about you as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements. 

7.2 Tracking technology choices

  • Cookies and pixels. Most browsers accept cookies by default. You can instruct your browser, by changing its settings, to decline or delete cookies. If you use multiple browsers on your device, you will need to instruct each browser separately. Your ability to limit cookies is subject to your browser settings and limitations. For more information on cookies and how to limit the use of cookies, please refer to our Cookie Policy.
  • Do Not Track. Your browser settings may allow you to automatically transmit a “Do Not Track” signal to online services you visit. Note, however, there is no industry consensus as to what site and app operators should do with regard to these signals. Accordingly, unless and until the law is interpreted to require us to do so, we do not monitor or take action with respect to “Do Not Track” signals. For more information on “Do Not Track,” visit 
  • App and location technologies. You can stop all collection of information via an app by uninstalling the app. You can also reset your device Ad Id at any time through your device settings, which is designed to allow you to limit the use of information collected about you. You can stop all collection of precise location data through an app by uninstalling the app or withdrawing your consent through your device settings. 

Please be aware that if you disable or remove tracking technologies some parts of the Services may not function correctly. 

7.3 Analytics and interest-based advertising

You may opt out of the use of certain information collected by Google Analytics at and by Google Analytics for Display Advertising or the Google Display Network at

The companies we work with to provide you with targeted ads are required by us to give you the choice to opt out of receiving targeted ads. Most of these companies are participants of the Digital Advertising Alliance (“DAA”) and/or the Network Advertising Initiative (“NAI”). To learn more about the targeted ads provided by these companies, and how to opt out of receiving certain targeted ads from them, please visit (i) for website targeted ads from DAA participants; (ii) for app targeted ads from DAA participants; and (iii) for targeted ads from NAI participants Opting out only means that the selected participants should no longer deliver certain targeted ads to you, but does not mean you will no longer receive any targeted content and/or ads (e.g., in connection with the participants’ other customers or from other technology services). 

To limit targeted advertising in our Apps, visit your device settings and: (i) reset your Advertising Identifier; and (2) turn off “Ad Personalization” (Android) or turn on “Limit Ad Tracking” (iOS).

To opt out of us sharing your hashed email address for Matched Ads, please contact us at and specify that you wish to opt out of Matched Ads. We will remove your email address from any subsequent lists shared with ad partners for purposes of Matched Ads. 

Please note that if you opt out using any of these methods, the opt out will only apply to the specific browser or device from which you opt out. We are not responsible for the effectiveness of, or compliance with, any opt out options or programs, or the accuracy of any other entities’ statements regarding their opt out options or programs. 

7.4 Communications

  • E-mails. You can opt-out of receiving promotional emails from us at any time by following the instructions as provided in emails to click on the unsubscribe link, or emailing us at with the word UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject field of the email. Please note that you cannot opt-out of non-promotional emails, such as those about your account, transactions, servicing, or our ongoing business relations. 
  • Push-Notifications. If you have opted-in to receive push notifications on your device, you can opt-out at any time by adjusting the permissions in your device or uninstalling our App. 

Please note that your opt out is limited to the email address and device used and will not affect subsequent subscriptions. 

8. Data transfer

Please be aware the information collected through the Services may be transferred to, and stored on, servers which may be located in countries outside of your jurisdiction and in a country that is not considered to offer an adequate level of protection under your local laws. Your use of the Services or provision of any information therefore constitutes your consent to the transfer to and from, processing, usage, sharing, and storage of information about you in the U.S., Israel, and other jurisdictions as set out in this Privacy Policy.  

9. Children

The Services are intended for general audiences, and not directed toward children. Eko does not knowingly collect personal information (as defined by the U.S. Children’s Privacy Protection Act, or “COPPA”) from children under 13. If you are a parent or guardian and believe we have collected personal information in violation of COPPA, contact us at We will remove the personal information in accordance with COPPA. 

Eko offers a separate service that is directed toward children. For information about our data practices with respect to that service, please see the applicable privacy policy. 

10. Security 

10.1 We take reasonable and appropriate security measures designed to maintain the security and integrity of our Services to help protect information about you from loss, theft, misuse and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction. Please note, however, that there are inherent risks in transmission of information over the Internet or other methods of electronic storage and we cannot guarantee the security of information about you.

11. Changes to the Privacy Policy 

The terms of this Privacy Policy will govern the use of the Services and any information collected with respect thereto. Eko reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time, so please re-visit this page frequently. In case of any material change, we will make reasonable efforts to post a clear notice on the homepage of the Site and/or the App or we will send you an e-mail regarding such changes to the e-mail address that you may have provided us with. Otherwise, all other changes to this Privacy Policy are effective as of the stated “Last Revised” date and your continued use of the Services after the Last Revised date will constitute acceptance of, and agreement to be bound by, those changes.

12. Got any questions? 

If you have any questions or comments concerning this Privacy Policy, please contact us as follows:

By email:   

By mail: 235 Park Ave S., New York, NY 100324 (Attention: Privacy)

This Privacy Policy applies to the following subsidiaries and affiliates of Eko:

JBF Interlude Ltd.

JV Interactive Ventures LLC

This Privacy Policy has been designed to be accessible to people with disabilities. If you experience any difficulties accessing the information here, please contact us at 

Last Revised: October 14, 2020