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Shaping the future of media.
We are at the early stages of this evolution.

Our medium, where the consumer shapes the story as it's being told, empowers strong emotional bonds between the consumer and storyteller. As the pioneers of this new medium, Eko brings together an ecosystem of digital interactive services for storytellers, innovative advertisers, and engaged consumers supported by major breakthroughs in technology.

Consumer Service for Interactive Video Entertainment is home for eko original serialized shows, which are developed in partnership with independent creators, studio and brand partners. provides a destination specifically designed for interactive, where a growing Millennial audience is engaging with entertainment developed with their interests in mind.


Creative Tools for Non-linear Storytelling

We put the power of creation in the hands of the next generation of storytellers with eko studio. Our technology platform provides the web-based authoring tool and is available to all creators at no cost. Eko studio fosters a growing community of independent creators who are actively working in the medium to tell distinctive stories.

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Connecting Brands with Engaged Consumers

Eko partners with brands, advertisers and organizations to create unique and tailored solutions that build brand and drive action within one experience. Short, native video ads called “Sparks” are integrated into Eko shows, connecting viewers with brands in authentic moments designed for interactive experiences. Our team also works with clients to conceptualize, develop, produce, and distribute interactive branded entertainment and advertising experiences.

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Distribution and Monetization of Shows

Eko shows are available on and are widely distributed through affiliate partnerships to where audiences are already engaging with content – on social networks, publishing websites, and content platforms. Our video player is fully cross-platform, allowing viewers to access content across all modern devices. Eko shows are free to view, and the native Sparks ads are monetized on a cost per engagement model based on viewers’ actions within the content.

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Eko Technology Platform and Patents

Our robust technology platform, with a powerful authoring tool and proprietary player at its core, allows for the creation, viewing, distribution and sharing of eko interactive content. What makes the technology unique is that it enables completely seamless playback even as viewers are making choices within the story, works consistently across multiple platforms (mobile, tablet, PC, TV, VR), and allows video to seamlessly adapt to any kind of digital input so that stories can be shaped by clicks, swipes, sensor input, geo-location, purchase history, and more. Built-in analytics and metrics dashboards provide insight into how viewers are engaging with videos. We have 7 granted patents for the core technology.

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